Metheglin Spiced Welsh Mead:  Grugiar Ddu (Black Grouse) 500ml

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Metheglin Spiced Welsh Mead: Grugiar Ddu (Black Grouse) 500ml

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Grugiar Ddu (Black Grouse) 500ml is a medium sweet metheglin, or spiced mead, made with honey, vanilla, cinnamon, cardamon and a hint of cloves. 

It can be enjoyed one its own, mixed with tonic or mixed with fruit juices. See our recipe section for a step by step guide on how to make mulled mead at home. 

Grugiar Ddu has a light golden colour, the taste is a subtle blend of honey and spices and it has a smooth finish. It is medium sweet so it is perfect if you have a slightly sweet tooth, without being cloyingly sweet. It has a similar mouthfeel to a sweet wine. 

Grugiar Ddu is 13%ABV and comes in a glass bottle with a resealable bar-top closure.

Grugiar Ddu can be made into a long drink with tonic or soda water or mixed into a cocktail. 

If you prefer a dryer mead, why not try our Gylfinir or Melyn Yr Eithin. If you like medium sweet mead but spiced mead is not for you, you could try our Telor Y Coed or Boda’r Mêl. 

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The Name

Grugiar Ddu is the Welsh name for a black grouse. All of our meads are named after birds on the British list of birds of conservation concern. 


500ml bottle: £22.00

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