About Us

Mountain Mead - Medd Mynydd is a Welsh meadery based in the mountains of Snowdonia. We make small scale batches of premium Welsh mead using only the finest ingredients. Our meads are hand crafted using Welsh honey to bring a bit of luxury to any occasion. Our extensive team (Jacob & Mike) mix the raw honey by hand and ferment our meads in our small meadery in Gwynedd before filtering, bottling and labelling everything on-site. We only offer our mead for sale once we are sure it is of a high quality and we pride ourselves on making beverages that are free from allergens, and use natural ingredients. 

Meet the Mead Makers

Mead Maker Milner                                   Mead Maker Mike

The Beginning...

One day, whilst sitting in a shed, up a mountain, in the cold, wind, and driving rain of the Welsh highlands, two men, Mike Cooke & Jacob Milner, took it upon themselves to make the meadiest mead of all meads. From that day forth, they formed an alliance with Haf, Queen of the Apis Meliferai, Champion of the Workers, Desire of the Drones, and sworn enemy of the bee mite Varroa Destructor. They vowed to return the drink of the Gods back to it's former glory and offer good, honest work to honey bees across the land.

And so it was that Mountain Mead erupted into being during the long, dark, winter nights of December 2016. Times were hard, the mead samples flowed strong and fast, each more delightful and invigorating than the last. Every day we thank our lucky mead bottles that we were able to overcome such trials and remember our humble beginnings with such boundless clarity.

Ok... so that's not quite how it happened but it's fairly close! 

So.. how did it actually happen? 

Well, we were sitting in a friends shed, (as one does) during the winter of 2016. We were sampling some home made mead and contemplating the delights of opening a meadery. 

After some serious Googling, we realised there were several hoops we would have to jump through to make the transition from home brew to professionally made mead. We were both working existing jobs; Jacob is a tree surveyor; Mike is an electrician, so we could only devote one day a week to our hopes of opening a Welsh meadery. 

It took 18 months of working 1 day a week to get all the licences, inspections, and equipment in place before we had our first mead bottled, corked, labelled and ready for sale. 

Our Meads

We have experimented with various types of honey along the way, and fortunately for us, we found our local Welsh honey made the best mead. We source our raw ingredients as locally as possible and value the relationships we have with our suppliers and retailers. 

What is mead?

Many people think it is a beer or perhaps a wine, and although you can make a beer or a wine that has been flavoured with honey, a traditional mead contains neither grape nor grain. It is fermented using nothing but honey and water. Our two staple meads are traditional meads, made by fermenting honey. Melyn Yr Eithin is a dry traditional mead and Telor Y Coed is a medium sweet traditional mead. Keep an eye out for our limited edition meads which contain a range of other flavours such as fruits and spices.