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Gylfinir 750ml medium dry Welsh mead in glass bottle with cork closure
Gylfinir 375ml and 750ml medium dry Welsh mead in glass bottles with cork closures
Gylfinir 750ml medium dry Welsh mead in glass bottle with cork closure next to a wine glass of mead. Picture taken outside on top of a beehive with tree and mountain in the background

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Gylfinir (Curlew) 750ml - Medium Dry traditional Welsh Mead

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Gylfinir (Curlew) 750ml is a medium dry mead made with a  mixture of Mexican and Spanish orange blossom honey. 

It has a dark golden colour and is a full bodied, medium dry mead with a smooth finish and lasting honey taste. It goes well with a pork or tapas and is also great on its own. 

Best served slightly chilled, gylfinir can be enjoyed on its own or mixed with tonic. 

Gylfinir 750ml is 13% ABV and comes in a clear glass bottle with a cork closure. We also have Gylfinir available in 375ml bottles and 750ml bottles with wooden gift box

If you prefer a lighter, more floral mead you could try our Melyn Yr Eithin or alternatively if you prefer a medium sweet mead, why not try our limited edition Telor Y Coed

This product is only available for delivery in the UK and you must be at least 18 years old to order.  

The Name

Melyn Yr Eithin is the Welsh name for a Yellowhammer. All of our meads are named after endangered birds on the British list of birds of conservation concern. 


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